Apple MacBook Air 12 will be completely new?

Rumors of a new MacBook Air with a 12-inch display have been rolling around the net for months. The latest news, however, tells us that this time we will not have to deal with cosmetic changes, as Apple plans to create an entirely new product.

As Mark Gurman reports from 9to5Mac, another MacBook Air model from Cupertino will be a brand new hardware. The California corporation will not limit itself only to cosmetic fixes as it usually does, but intends to redesign the hardware completely, incorporating changes not only in design, but also in functionality and technical specifications.

The new MacBook Air will have a brand new design and will feature USB Type C ports, MagSafe connectors, and redesigned memory card slots. At the same time it will become thinner and lighter and will come with a higher resolution display. It will also be noticeably smaller than the 13-inch version, and its dimensions will be closer to the 11-inch model.

According to Gurman, Apple has redesigned the function keys and arrow buttons, and the keyboard now extends from the edge to the edge. The trackpad, which is no longer the same as the previous one, has been changed and the spaces between the keys have been reduced.

Over the keyboard, there are four grille covers for the speakers, which at the same time serve as additional air vents, making the inside of the computer much more efficient cooling, which should eliminate the problem of notorious overheating of the equipment.

Of course, information from unconfirmed sources, which may concern one of the prototypes and described changes, do not necessarily have to be in the final version of the device. However, it must be borne in mind that Gurman is a very credible source and in the past has repeatedly provided information that later turned out to be true.

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