Drones are increasingly a threat to aircraft

The latest Airprox report shows that the number of drones incidents that threaten landed planes is on the rise. Last year, at British airports such situations were over 70.

Drones are cool toys that give you a lot of fun, but many owners forget that they are also a serious threat. Their pilots are thoughtlessly flying around airports, threatening planes and the lives of passengers on board.

The latest Airpox report shows that last year dangerous drones near passenger aircraft were over 70. Most of them took place during three weeks, from October to November 2016.

Three of the incidents are classified in category A, which means the greatest threat. During one incident, an A320 passenger pilot saw a dron at the right wing of the landing gear, which was at 3 km. It was a ceiling far above the British law, and according to investigators, the multi-rotor machine was homemade.

In another Category A event, a pilot from Heathrow noticed the dron 45 m from the machine at 900 m. He barely managed to avoid a collision.

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