Facebook will warn you before posting a picture of your baby

Protecting the privacy of the web – we learn it for ourselves, our friends, and others’ mistakes. Worse, if the victims of our carelessness were to become others, especially children, and this would just try to prevent the new Facebook function.

The most popular social networking site offers a lot of privacy settings so that the user has control over what other users are seeing, and who has access to his posts. The thing is that not all of them use this type of setting, without unnecessarily sharing pictures of holidays not only with close friends but also the whole world.

Of course, if anyone wants to, why not? More and more people are also aware that if they were posing for photos with other people, it is also worth asking them permission to publish a photo. Unfortunately, many parents, recognizing the privacy rights of other people, for some reason in this category do not place their children. And although the grown-up “John” will not be bothered that aunts and uncles see a photo of “Jasia” in the bath, it may have a different opinion if access to it all.

That’s why the new Facebook feature will send a warning if you want to publicize your baby’s photo. This function is based on advanced image analysis algorithms. As Jay Parikh pointed out from facebook, this feature can also be useful to a conscious parent who, by accident, sends a photo from the phone. He also gave us an example of how an example warning might look like: “Hey, this picture of your kids, usually you only share it with your family members, are you sure?”.

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