Microsoft employee arrested for child pornography stored in OneDrive

Thanks to a message filed by Microsoft, one of the employees of the US corporation has been arrested for having child pornography. On his account in the cloud, many banned materials were found.

Microsoft is a huge corporation employing thousands of people, so it can not be ruled out that not all of them follow the law, and sometimes there will be black sheep. This was the case for 49-year-old Gregory Rentfro, who was employed by Redmond as a security engineer.

Thanks to the notice made by the supervisor of the man, the police arrested him. It turned out that in his account in the cloud store materials with child pornography. It was detected with the help of OneDrive-specific tools to check for illegal content. The application was sent automatically, so it is unknown whether Microsoft’s boss knew that the suspect was their employee.

The company issued a statement explaining that the employee is on leave until the investigation is completed. The suspect himself has been detained for the time being, as investigators suspect he may pose a threat to his own child.

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