NASA will get more money than she wanted

The US space agency’s leadership has a great reason to be happy. For years she had to deal with serious budget cuts, but now she does not have to worry about it. NASA will get as much as 19.3 billion dollars, which is much more than she wanted. This is what the budget wants to give it to the American Congress.

After years of pruning the budget for NASA, the situation is starting to change for the better and soon the space agency will no longer have to worry about the lack of money. NASA’s next-year budget proposal is $ 19.3 billion. This proposal is significantly higher than the Obama administration’s $ 18.5 billion, and $ 1.27 billion more than this year’s budget.

With more money, NASA will be able to fully implement the manned space shipbuilding program involving private consortia. NASA has already booked first manned flights with its partners, such as Boeing and SpaceX, but no definite deadlines have yet been agreed.

For NASA, the US manned flight crew project is particularly important because, since the 2011 shuttle program was canceled, the agency is dependent on the Russians in this matter. Whenever he wants to send his astronauts into space, he must pay for using Soyuz rockets as much as $ 80 million for one place. If the flight program is scheduled to launch, NASA will save a lot of money, because in the event of a delay, it would have to pay the Russians up to six additional seats in 2018.

Naturally, manned space flights are not the only initiative the agency makes. Another project is SLS (Space Launch System), NASA’s launch platform for missiles, to be used to carry ships into space, including travel to Mars. The project will receive $ 2 billion, $ 300 million more than this year, and $ 644 million more than its administration needed.

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Another project is the manned Orion capsule, which will receive $ 1.27 billion, 70 million more than the previous year. Its first flight is scheduled to take place no later than April 2023.

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