NASA assigns manned SpaceX missions

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The US space agency, in an effort to send another crew change to the International Space Station, still needs to use Russian mediation. However, NASA wants to become independent of their help, so Boeing and the private SpaceX consortium are working on creating their own flight crew system.

Since NASA has canceled the shuttle program, astronauts on the International Space Station are being supplied with Russian missiles. NASA has long been trying to make it independent, but it was not possible at this time, as none of the companies had the technology to ensure safe transport of the crew into orbit.

Perhaps it will soon change, as NASA in May this year commissioned Boeing to develop a vehicle that would be suitable for crew transport to the ISS, and now did the same in SpaceX’s privately-owned consortium, Elona Muska, which by 2017 should already be ready shuttle.

Windows XP most “virus” system

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Although quite a good percentage of computer users are still using some of the archaic Windows XP already, if they take care of their data security, they should switch to Windows 8 as soon as possible, which is far less vulnerable to viruses.

This is according to a recent study by Microsoft-owned Trustworthy Computing Group. It shows that computers running Windows XP are 469 percent more likely to be infected with viruses than machines with Windows 8. For every 1000 tested computers, an average of 9.1 pcs with Windows XP SP3 was infected with viruses. In the case of Windows 8, this factor was only 1.6.

Unfortunately, it is not known how the latest Windows 8.1 falls into this category because it was not included in the test.

The report is theoretically significant since 31.24 percent of all computers on the market are still using Windows XP.

However, it is puzzling that the report’s author is a Microsoft-owned company, which significantly reduces its credibility. You may think that it’s just to get computer users to switch to the latest version of the system.

Harassment in virtual reality

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As the gaming world advances, women are faced with online threats that have previously encountered only offline. Players and producers are pondering how to remedy this.

Crossing over with a snow-covered fortress, with a bow and arrows that eliminated other zombies, Jordan Belamire felt invincible – until someone named BigBro442 did not find it appropriate to touch her breast vigorously, making her feel like another powerless woman. “. When I started running away, he chased after me, doing moves within my chest – Jordan described Medium on the game incident called QuiVR, taking place in virtual reality. “He disappeared so much that he even wandered my virtual crotch and started rubbing it.”

Sexual harassment has been present in the online gaming world since the onset of the Internet. Until recently, however, this violence was confined to the verbal and visual spheres. But since virtual reality (VR) technology has so immersed players in it, the boundary between our real and virtual bodies begins to blur. So will the world we build online be equally unfriendly to women as the real world? And what do we do when using in the virtual world will be just as painful as a real physical attack?

Over the past 20 years, American writer Julian Dibbell has been very convincing in describing the emotional effects of rape “that took place in the text space of the game called LambdaMOO. That rape “was that someone had broken access codes to the operating system and began to describe the sexual acts in which the avatars of other users were to take part. There was no touching of bodies, “Dibbell later wrote in Village Voice. And yet, in the eyes of victims, the harm was real: the tears of the experienced trauma flowed through her face – a fact that should have been sufficiently proven that the emotional content of these words was not mere play. ”

“If you identify yourself with your avatar and present yourself in a genuine way, then you feel like being raped,” says Jesse Fox, a professor at Ohio State University who studies the social implications of virtual worlds. – There is no difference between the situation when someone is harassing you in an email sent to you for work and a chat in the chat room.

Fox warns that virtual reality is still creating new threats. – What is characteristic of virtual environments is the increased immersion level of the player. Whether someone is beating you in the real world or in the virtual world, the visual stimuli will be the same: you will see it, “warns the researcher. – This will happen to your body. The similarity to real life will only make you feel even more harmed.

What’s more, pincing in virtual space is accompanied by an additional shock: this kind of incident …

Wireless sensor that works without batteries

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Scientists have been struggling for years to create sensors that do not need their own power, because they can draw energy from the environment and thus work almost infinitely. This team of Dutch scientists seems to have achieved this because they have designed a small temperature sensor that does not need its own battery.

The invention of scientists from the Dutch Eindhoven University of Technology is as small as the grain of sand and has a surface area of ​​just 2 mm kw. It can be applied to the wall like a paint and will monitor temperature, motion, humidity and light intensity by transferring data to a computer.

The most interesting aspect of this invention is the power issue because the device does not have its own battery, so it is equipped with a power system that uses the surrounding electromagnetic waves, including a Wi-Fi signal. Thanks to this it can practically work indefinitely.

Probable specifications

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Microsoft’s tablets are selling better, but to keep consumers interested in the same level of hardware, Microsoft needs to sell more models. One of the newest is Surface Pro 4, which is likely to meet our likely specifications.

If you believe in Tom Warrent, founder of WinRumors, Surface Pro 4 will be officially presented in October this year. The device is supposed to be a tablet much stronger than its predecessor. In a series of tweaks, Warren announced that the new model will be thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 3, while also receiving a larger display. Probably, we will not find the USB Type C port, but a slightly older version of this interface, probably USB 3.0 or USB 3.1.

As far as specification is concerned, this device will probably get an Intel Skylake processor. It will be able to install up to 16GB of RAM, while the disk can have a capacity of up to 1TB. There will also be a larger battery installed and Windows 10 installed.

Drones are increasingly a threat to aircraft

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The latest Airprox report shows that the number of drones incidents that threaten landed planes is on the rise. Last year, at British airports such situations were over 70.

Drones are cool toys that give you a lot of fun, but many owners forget that they are also a serious threat. Their pilots are thoughtlessly flying around airports, threatening planes and the lives of passengers on board.

The latest Airpox report shows that last year dangerous drones near passenger aircraft were over 70. Most of them took place during three weeks, from October to November 2016.

Three of the incidents are classified in category A, which means the greatest threat. During one incident, an A320 passenger pilot saw a dron at the right wing of the landing gear, which was at 3 km. It was a ceiling far above the British law, and according to investigators, the multi-rotor machine was homemade.

In another Category A event, a pilot from Heathrow noticed the dron 45 m from the machine at 900 m. He barely managed to avoid a collision.

Amazon will deal with freight forwarding

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Amazon, so far, has dealt exclusively with commerce, supplying products to outsourced companies. However, the American corporation wants to enter the shipping industry and create a new application that will allow you to order the goods as Ubera orders.

Amazon is primarily known for its online store offering tens of thousands of products in a wide variety of industries. Recently, the company has expanded its activities, and one of its newest projects is freight forwarding. Amazon has used third parties to deliver mail to its customers, but now it wants to offer it to others.

The media reports that Jeff Bezos is building a new application that is called Uber’s forwarding. The company wants to enter the industry with an estimated value of $ 800 billion.

The application will appear on the market next summer and is set to be an extension of Amazon Flex, where each of us can become Amazon’s supplier and charge a delivery fee to customers if the recipient lives near our route.

In other words, the application will allow you to order goods, provide the exact cost of the service, and provide us with a recommendation system so we can know which of the trucks will deliver our cargo the fastest.

This is not the only idea of ​​the concern related to forwarding. A few months ago, the company announced plans to enter the maritime and air transport market. Within a few years he plans to rent 40 aircraft, which will ensure fast and efficient transport of goods.

Milk packaging for food storage

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Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture have developed a new way to protect food from spoilage. The idea is based on the use of milk, which can replace traditional film packaging.

Almost every food must have a package that protects it from rapid deterioration. Unfortunately, many of them are foils, which spread over many years and poses a serious threat to the environment. However, researchers from the US Department of Agriculture have developed a completely new method to protect food from spoilage, which is based on milk.

Thanks to special processing, it can be made of thin, edible and fully biodegradable foil, which is 500 times more oxygen permeable to prevent food spoilage. Such packaging is great for pre-packaged soups or coffee. All you need to do is to boil it with boiling water and dissolve it automatically, and it will not harm us in any way.

New housing from Nanoxia

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Nanoxia has unveiled yet another enclosure model without which any personal computer can not be bypassed. Deep Silence 3 is Mid Tower minimalist design but has a lot of functionality.

Deep Silence 3 continues the style that the two previous models of the series used to, and is aimed at audiences who do not need excessive extravagance and prefer simplicity that does not compromise functionality at all.

The casing is designed for ATX, Micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards, and thanks to the large size of the entire design (456 x 207 x 520 mm), it can hold graphics cards up to 345 mm in length.If we remove the hard drive baskets, we get a space of 430 mm in length, which will allow us to insert literally any graphics card. It is a bit worse for a processor cooler that can have a maximum height of only 165 mm, but that should not be a big problem.

Inside the enclosure we find three bays for drives of 5.25 “, and five for 3.5” drives as well as two for 2.5 “drives. It is also possible to install an external 3.5 “drive. Drive bins have been split, making it much easier to configure the casing. Of course, all drives and expansion cards are assembled without tools.

As for the cooling system, it was designed to achieve low temperatures. Its main feature are three fans equipped with a two channel speed regulator. Two of them are behind the front panel, while the other one is located on the rear panel. The kit can be expanded with two additional fans at the top of the housing, where the manufacturer has prepared holes for 120/140 mm diameter models. The next two 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed at the bottom of the enclosure, the other two only when the disc baskets are disassembled.

Mac Difficulties with Blue Tooth

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The full time has come since Bose has established its own brand new QuietComfort 3-5 headset with providing both radio and audio technology. Shoes together using the MFi logo are intended to work well with i-OS apparatus, however, if additionally operate with tvOS (AppleTV 4). Should you buy MFi blue tooth headphones, then they are going to probably utilize apple-tv. Beats is most likely a safe bet since Apple possesses the provider.

It’s usually as a result of the simple fact that the PC/laptop’s internal hardware isn’t suitable for the current BT 4.x streaming communicating and that I will hear you state, however, also the computer is still telling me some thing regarding drivers!” Also compared to that the answer would be blow off it!

It is an older MacBookPro w/Mavericks, (do not wish to upgrade as of this time) and now I understand the geniuses will only tell me that I want a brand new logic board – that they usually do not fool quite definitely with whatever which is not very readily mended – the others in conversation for this specific problem have struck that.

Beats feature a brief history of producing head phones with guess quality, therefore that the very first build of those cans, while aesthetically appealing, does not instill much confidence within me. It is too bad, as the Beats Solo3 is powerful at virtually any aspect. To know more about connecting headphones to Mac click here.

To get this done, you’ll first need to join your i-phone to an own computer using its USB cable you must make use of a cable, however one time to put up things. You may get into iTunes, consider the unit’s advice in iTunes, and then assess out the properties tab.

Head phones are tuned to the finely calibrated, standardized coating to fulfill our target sound – but our minds aren’t finely trained, calibrated fittings therefore that the noise we actually hear differs from the engineered curve as a result of variations in the way the cans match on everyone folk, meaning a lot of individuals don’t hear exactly the aim sound of their headset.

Notice: Before you attempt to set up the headset together with your laptop or computer, ensure that your computer has an interior Bluetooth Radio by speaking to this personal computer manual or contacting your PC; OR put in a Bluetooth USB Adapter (dongle).

Should you not hear the ability on” voice instantaneous once turning the MPOW headset and so they won’t get into pairing mode after having charged and so they aren’t dealing together with your apparatus after successfully paired them into the apparatus in years past I’d suppose that you head phones are faulty.

Contemplating Apple’s coming (and more economical) AirPods reach a totally wireless style and design, using different left and right ear-pieces …

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