Ransomware inspired by Star Trek

Security experts have discovered the existence of a new ransomware that encrypts files on disk. The tool is called Kirk, and its creators are apparently fans of the Star Trek series.

These days, the biggest threat to our computers is so-called ransomware. This is a specially developed tool for encrypting important files on our drive and then requesting ransom for unlocking.

One of the newest ransomware is Kirk, discovered by James Kroustek, an Avast researcher. It is not known exactly how the threat is distributed but found in the Low Orbital Ion Cannon application, which is a tool for testing network traffic. When Kirk is started, it starts encrypting the files with the RSA-4096 key.

It hits 625 file types, including the most popular, mp3, docx, zip, jpeg, wma and many more. After working, he informs the victim that if he wants to unlock it, he must pay the ransom using Monero, a safe Bitcoin-like cryptanalyst.

The first two days demand 50 Monero, which is equivalent to $ 1265. Then every couple of days the harassment doubles, and if the charge is not sent for 31 days, the key to decrypt the data is erased.

For now there is no way to free unlock files.

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