The huge popularity of tablet from india

Within just two weeks of launching the Akash Indian tablet, just 1.4 million orders were made.

Chinese tablets conquer the market with good performance and a very attractive price, but even they may not have the chance to hit Akash, the world’s cheapest device of this type, designed in India.

Just two weeks ago, the tablet was sold for $ 45, while its creators reported that they had managed 1.4 million orders. It gives 100 thousand. New orders every day. Datawind, the world’s cheapest tablet maker, said that due to such high demand for equipment, it opens three new factories to meet demand. It will be launched in Hyderabad, where there is already one factory, and another in Cochin and Noidan.

The popularity of the tablet surprised even the producers who explained that they did not expect so much interest and therefore initially thought that the production of 70-75 thousand. Copies per day, will be enough.

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