The vision of the shop window according to Panasonica

Panasonic engineers from Panasonic, together with lawson specialists, have developed a new type of self-service store. The prototype named Regirobo will not only charge the product itself, but will also pack it.

Grocery stores are increasingly seeking to reduce staff by automating many activities. The most prominent manifestation of this strategy are self-service checkouts, which allow customers to manually count all purchased products and make a claim.

In the near future such cash registers can completely dominate grocery stores, and the announcement is Amazon Go, a shop where service is not needed at all. Sensors, machine learning technology, and other modern technologies will automatically record what the customer inserts in the shopping cart and count the amount that will automatically be charged to the credit card.

Panasonic does not have such a bold vision, but the Japanese company is also working on making it easier to shop. Together with Lawon, he has developed a modern self-service checkout that frees the customer from the need to scan the product. The cash box will do it yourself and then automatically pack our purchases.

The project called Regirobo is for the time being very early in the prototype phase and is far from complete. The cashier’s shop in Osaka, near Panasonica headquarters, requires a manual scan of the product. However, if the tests are successful and the cash register is fully refined, it will start shipping in 2018.

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