We buy a washing machine

There are so many washing machines in the shops that you do not know where to look. In the corner are even well-known Franie. Today we will tell you what to look for when buying these devices.

Designers somehow do not fancy the design of this type of device. Therefore, the appearance of our advice is of secondary importance. We focus on functions. And for the price.

The new good old Frania is about $ 100. And it is the cheapest offer on the market. However, we are looking for an automatic washing machine and we have $ 225 in our wallet. Will I be able to buy something sensible?

In this class you can not count on super quick spin, large number of programs, silent work or automatic selection of washing parameters depending on the weight of the batch. Yes, it is easy to find a spinning machine with a speed of 1000 rpm, although in this price range there are a lot of devices with a maximum speed of 800 rpm. They will also have basic programs for washing such as wool, synthetics or quick washing of little dirty things.

It will be difficult to buy a $ 225 washing machine loaded from above. The vast majority of models at this price range are washing machines with front opening doors. It is worth to pay attention to their size, direction of opening (left, right) and angle of opening. The standard now is more than 30 cm – it makes it easy to throw dirt and remove clean laundry. Notice the depth of the washing machine. It used to be 60 centimeters – in a small bathroom this item was a real hazard. Today’s are also made shallow – even 40 cm deep. But they are rather more expensive.

When buying cheap products we can be calm environment. At present, these types of appliances almost certainly have energy class A or A +, which guarantees low consumption of electricity.

Somewhat more we can be picky when we buy for $ 300. Then we can look for a washing machine with a spin speed of 1200 rpm. It’s easier to find one loaded from above. There are also a growing number of programs available. Some models have 20 or more of them – such as those that make ironing easy. On the washing machines there are also electronic displays (made in LCD or LED technology) that show the basic parameters of laundry (eg temperature, speed of rotation of the centrifuge) and sometimes even the time until the end of work. There is also an option to set the start time of the laundry. It is so important that wet things quickly get out less crunchy and as a result it is easier to iron them.

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The vast majority of devices in this price range have an energy class A +, which uses about 0.9 or less kWh in the entire washing cycle. Some washing machines also consume 8-10 liters of water per cycle and they consume less than 40 liters.

And if we have more than $ 300 for a washing machine? Then we can start to expect many interesting features that not only reduce operating costs, but make it easier for us to work. These are, for example, “smart” drums that adjust spin parameters so as to create as little wrinkles as possible, and clothes are even better suited. Some programs lower the temperature of the laundry, extending its cycle. In this way, the effect is the same, but the cycle consumes less electricity. For example, bed linen can be washed at 60 feet. C, but provided that the washing machine will do it in twice as long. They also offer the ability to define program parameters according to their needs and to save them permanently.

In this price range we also find special solutions for rinsing things, preventing the growth of molds and bacteria, they themselves dispense amount of detergent,

The stability of the machine during spinning and the noise level is not unimportant. This is the last of the block residents. Buying a washing machine with a noise level of 72 decibels will make it almost impossible to hear in the apartment. Otherwise, when decibels will be for example 78 …

Regardless of whether we buy equipment for $ 800 or $ 450 we should pay attention to several items. Let’s ask the seller how it is with security. It is good when the door is protected against accidental opening. The point is not to be able to open a working washing machine, for example when cleaning the bathroom. Or – they could not do this little kids let down for a moment from the eye.

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It is also good to find out what the washing machine has to prevent accidental flooding. And here is both the connection of the hose to the tap and the possibility of spilling water when the device is going to break down during operation. Of course, more expensive products will be protected, but even the cheapest ones should have systems that make the doors unintentional.

In general, all washing machines have a two-year warranty. Sometimes it is also possible to extend it to five years. It is worth considering this option especially when the device we buy will be heavily exploited. In several sites, we were told that the emergency components are electronic components and most often they break down in the third and fourth year of operation. Very often the exchange of some elements is so expensive that it is unprofitable. In a few years after the purchase, we can stand before the need to re-spend. Maybe so it is worth protecting?

You can also look for a manufacturer that offers up to 7 years warranty at no extra cost.

Extending the guarantee makes the investment more expensive, but we will tell you how to reduce your purchase cost. It is worth doing in the shop … the internet. Someone may say that the road is transported at that time, but … In some stores couriers pay less than $ 20. Many shops with household appliances purchased goods will also bring money. Sometimes it is 30, sometimes $ 12.But it also costs. Recently, we were able to buy a washing machine, priced at a regular $ 360, for $ 400.

By counting the cost of transportation, it turned out that this way the savings amounted to about $ 50. And such an amount of walking is not the point.

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