Windows XP most “virus” system

Although quite a good percentage of computer users are still using some of the archaic Windows XP already, if they take care of their data security, they should switch to Windows 8 as soon as possible, which is far less vulnerable to viruses.

This is according to a recent study by Microsoft-owned Trustworthy Computing Group. It shows that computers running Windows XP are 469 percent more likely to be infected with viruses than machines with Windows 8. For every 1000 tested computers, an average of 9.1 pcs with Windows XP SP3 was infected with viruses. In the case of Windows 8, this factor was only 1.6.

Unfortunately, it is not known how the latest Windows 8.1 falls into this category because it was not included in the test.

The report is theoretically significant since 31.24 percent of all computers on the market are still using Windows XP.

However, it is puzzling that the report’s author is a Microsoft-owned company, which significantly reduces its credibility. You may think that it’s just to get computer users to switch to the latest version of the system.

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